Emergency Response Rentals

Imperial Restrooms is On-Call With Portable Rentals for Disaster Relief

If we’ve learned anything as a business over the past few years, it’s that when disaster strikes, everyone has to pitch in and do their part to help our citizens get back on their feet. For almost a decade, we have responded to most major hurricanes, floods, fires, and other local and national disasters.

Planning a Portable Restroom Emergency Response Plan?
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If you are a city planner, town council member or any other proactive citizen undertaking the task of preparing emergency and disaster response plans, contact Imperial Restrooms and we’ll get on board. We will help you create a plan specific to your area so if the unfortunate time ever comes when you need immediate assistance, we can spring into action and deliver much needed relief to your community.

Please take advantage of our PREPP Service (Portable Restroom Preparedness Program)

A Fully Networked Restroom Rental Company

Imperial Restrooms knows the industry very well and remain well connected with other regions. Our affiliation with other top rated rental companies and suppliers ensures we have multiple resources available to us at any given time. Imperial Restrooms is ready to react to emergency and disaster situations in a professional, organized, and timely manner.

Everything to Set Up A Portable Base Camp

We don’t rely on anything, we bring everything. Our portable facilities are designed to carry their own water and electricity supplies. This includes our portable restrooms, ADA units, and mobile showers.

Portable Toilets

Imperial Restrooms is known for our luxury portable restroom trailers, but we also work with standard portable toilets and mobile stall facilities.

Portable Showers

Disaster victims can rely on us to provide complete privacy in our mobile shower units. Our mobile shower trailers are designed to offer clean and private bathing quarters. Learn more about our portable shower trailers.

Emergency Power

Our generators can power your trailer needs. In cases of emergency, power and electric can be unreliable. We’re prepared to bring all the necessary power needed to run our units to help you.

Emergency Lighting Rigs

Flashlights can only do so much good. Without powerful bulbs illuminating wide areas and trusses to support lights and cables, response could shut down when the sun goes down.

Quality Amenities During Times of Need

As an experienced company founded by members that have decades in the sanitation industry, we understand how necessary and comforting clean, sanitary bathrooms and showers can be to victims of a disaster.

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